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Competition Commission considers developments in movies on pay-TV investigation

The Competition Commission’s (CC) investigation of the pay-TV market in the UK is now considering recent developments in other means of consuming movie content, and has today invited views on the significance of these.  

These developments include the launch of Netflix’s stand-alone subscription video on demand (SVOD) service, streaming movies and other content over the internet, bypassing traditional pay-TV platforms.  LOVEFiLM has also launched a streaming-only SVOD service and enhanced the content available by streaming as part of its hybrid products (streaming and DVD rental by post).  These providers have acquired the rights to stream movies first from many of the large non-major studios and rights from many major and non-major studios to stream movies after Sky.  In addition, Sky has announced that it intends to introduce a new stand-alone internet service including Sky Movies, and has made a number of other changes to its services.

The CC recognized in its provisional findings that, were developments in the market to occur, it would be necessary to take them into account before reaching its final views.  The deadline for any responses is 28 March, and the CC intends to publish its final report in July 2012.

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