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Our work sometimes makes the news

We are involved in some of the most interesting, topical and high profile issues in the world of business and economics.  Most of our work is confidential for clients, but sometimes we can share it.

We also welcome opportunities to speak with and assist the media – both in connection with our work and on the wide range of topics that our expertise covers.

Should you wish to speak to Frontier about any media related matter or to seek our input into a particular news story, please contact Goran Serdarevic at or call +44 (0) 20 7031 7000.

  1. Gus O’Donnell to become Chair of Pro Bono Economics

    Gus O’Donnell, Chairman of Frontier (Europe), will be joining Pro Bono Economics (PBE) as Chair of the Board of Trustees. PBE is the charity that matches highly skilled economist volunteers with charities and social enterprises, providing the expertise that helps them answer questions about measurement, results, impact and value of their work. 

  2. Overcoming behavioural barriers to increase energy efficiency in the heating sector

    The German energy journal Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen has published a new article by Frontier (Europe) which considers how behavioural insights can make policies to promote energy efficiency in the heating sector more effective and less reliant on government funding.

  3. Do airports have market power? New Frontier aviation bulletin published

    Frontier (Europe’s) latest aviation bulletin considers some of the factors that should be taken into account in that market power assessment.

  4. What’s in IT? – New Frontier Economics Bulletin

    Frontier (Europe) has today published a new bulletin “What’s in IT?”, focusing on the economics of trade reform.

  5. Ofgem publishes Frontier report on the RIIO-ED1 Stakeholder Engagement and Consumer Vulnerability Incentive

    Ofgem, the UK energy regulator, has today opened an informal consultation on its guidance in relation to the RIIO-ED1 Stakeholder Engagement and Consumer Vulnerability Incentive. To help inform this consultation, Ofgem published a report by Frontier developing and trialling the framework for assessing how DNOs’ actions affect customer vulnerability.

  6. Frontier speaks at competition law forum in Münster

    Mette Alfter of Frontier (Europe) today spoke at the competition law forum (Forum Kartellrecht) in Münster

  7. Frontier announces promotion of Fernando Barrera to Director

    Frontier (Europe) is pleased to announce the promotions of Fernando Barrera from Associate Director to Director.

  8. Frontier announces promotion of Rachel Webster to Director

    Frontier (Europe) is pleased to announce the promotion of Rachel Webster from Associate Director to Director.

  9. Frontier announces promotions to Associate Director and Manager

    Frontier (Europe) has announced promotions within its management team for 2016.

  10. Group of WTO Members agree to boost free trade in IT products

    A group of fifty-three producers of Information Technology (IT) products, today agreed to eliminate customs duties on 201 IT products.