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Dan Roberts

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Dan is a Director in Frontier’s energy practice and has worked extensively within the gas and electricity sectors on network regulation, wholesale and retail competition issues and institutional arrangements.

In GB, Dan has advised a number of clients on market design and regulation issues.  He has worked extensively for Ofgem on projects including a review of the approach to setting incentives for System Operation (SO), the further definition of the transmission access regime, and the RPI-X@20 project to review the potential barriers created by current network regulation to the optimisation of networks.  Dan has also worked extensively for National Grid on issues including managing the impact of interconnector ramping in the future, the design and implementation of a Network Development Plan, and the evolution of network security standards to facilitate wind integration.  He also advised on their RIIO-T1 business plan and return on equity submissions.  Dan has advised both big six players and government on the design of and participation in the GB capacity market.

Dan regularly advises clients in France.  He advised GDF SUEZ Branche Infrastructure on developments in the European market (the gas target model), on approaches to addressing the increasing requirements for flexibility on the French network, and on network tarification throughout Europe.  Dan also advised GDF SUEZ on the implications of different approach to storage regulation throughout Europe.  Dan also advised GrDF on a number of strategic issues including the use of benchmarking and the potential benefits of their common operation with ERDF.  Dan has also advised on a number of regulatory due diligence projects in France, concerning both gas and electricity transmission networks.

Dan has acted as long term regulatory advisor to Bord Gáis Eireann and ESB on regulatory and market opening arrangements, advising across multiple price controls, and separately on issues of transmission tariffs, market integration and renewables integration.

Dan has worked on similar issues in a range of countries, including Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and Turkey.

Dan joined Frontier in April 2004.  Prior to this, Dan was an Associate Partner with IBM Business Consulting Services and previously with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Smart meters and smart grids

Dan has worked extensively on commercial issues relating to smart metering and smart grids in GB. He led our work for DECC and Ofgem to develop the regulatory and commercial framework for the smart metering programme in GB.  He also advised Ofgem on the terms of reference for an industry body to address smart grid commercial and regulatory issues, and on the development of a model to assess the costs and benefits of different smart grid technologies.  He advised the UK government on the scope for demand reduction technologies in GB, and Ofgem on the barriers which regulation may impose to different commercial models for smart grid implementation.  He also advised Ofgem on the regulatory framework for the rollout of smart metering in GB.

He has been involved in a number of smart metering and smart grid projects in continental Europe, including advising the Dutch regulator on the costs and benefits of smart meters for suppliers and distributors, and advising EDF on the scope for value in new services around smart grids and smart homes in the French market.  He also advised the Irish network operator on the regulatory arrangements for the mandatory rollout of smart meters in the Republic of Ireland.

Transaction support

Dan has worked extensively on transaction support projects in relation to regulated assets.  He has advised:

  • a US private equity fund in relation to the potential acquisition of waste to energy and landfill gas plant
  • a Canadian fund in relation to the potential acquisition of onshore wind assets in France and Germany
  • a US fund in relation to the potential disposal of offshore wind assets in Germany
  • a German fund in relation to the potential acquisition of onshore wind assets in GB
  • a US fund in relation to the potential acquisition of a generation and retail business in Ireland
  • a Canadian infrastructure fund on the potential acquisition of a stake in RTE
  • an Asian Sovereign Wealth Fund on comparison of 6 regulatory regimes across Europe
  • a consortium of investors in relation to the potential acquisition of TIGF
  • MSIF in their acquisition of gas distribution assets in Madrid
  • ADIA in relation to acquisition of a stake in ScottishPower
  • a GB strategic investor in relation to the potential acquisition of UK electricity distribution assets and German electricity transmission assets
  • Blackstone in relation to the potential acquisition of Northern Ireland gas network assets
  • a private equity fund on a potential metering acquisition
  • a strategic investor in relation to the potential acquisition of a neighbouring gas distribution business
  • Goldman Sachs in relation to the potential acquisition of GB gas distribution assets
  • a Singapore fund in relation to the relative attractiveness of infrastructure classes across Europe
  • a Sovereign Wealth fund in relation to the relative attractiveness of infrastructure classes globally

Dan has led a wide range of market design projects in GB, in relation to:

  • capacity mechanism design (in relation to interconnected generation);
  • review of changes to network pricing in the light of potential moves to zonal pricing;
  • the suitability of current settlement arrangements and network pricing for realising smart meter benefits;
  • the transmission access review;
  • long term SO incentives;
  • the regulatory and commercial aspects of the smart metering prospectus;
  • the implications of new developments in energy networks for RIIO (part of the RPI-X@20 project);
  • the cash out review.

He advised National Grid on market design at the time of the implementation of NETA, and worked with them on the arrangements related to the GB SO as part of the BETTA programme.  He supported their work to update the SQSS to incorporate the impact of intermittent wind generation, and their work to define a Network Development Plan to reflect uncertainty over generation profiles into transmission network planning.  He also worked with them to consider approaches to market coupling for interconnectors, and to consider the management of short term interconnector flow volatility.

In Europe, Dan advised the European Commission on approaches for integrating balancing and intraday markets, and on issues relating to compensation of TSOs for cross border trade.  He advised E.ON on issues around unbundling and the creation of the CWE market coupling area.  He also worked for the Dutch regulator to consider issues associated with harmonization of gate closure timescales for the CWE area.  He has also advised both Energy Norway and Statnett on issues related to market integration, and the use of interconnectors to trade flexibility.

Dan has worked extensively in Ireland, with ESB in relation to options for SEM / BETTA integration, and with BGE Energy Supply on a number of issues related to the SEM (including the definition of opportunity costs, the treatment of transmission losses and transmission charges, and the formulation of prices from the dispatch algorithm).