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Simon Gaysford

Simon is a Director and founder member of Frontier Economics.  He has been helping clients for over 20 years on issues relating to competitive dynamics, understanding and influencing consumer behaviour, and market evolution.  His work is used by clients in devising commercial strategies, dealing with competition or regulatory authorities and interactions with government. He is also experienced at providing expert testimony to courts and arbitration proceedings.

Simon’s work focuses mainly on consumer goods markets, particularly in retail and financial services, and his recent clients include Tesco, Lloyds Banking Group, Channel 4 and HMRC.  Simon has also worked across a wide range of other sectors including media, pharmaceuticals and telecoms.


Simon helps clients on a range of strategic issues, ranging from undertaking and managing comprehensive reviews of corporate strategy, to designing tests for a new propositions.

His approach, which has been developed over 20 years, is based on the economics of competition: any strategy has to be based on the interaction of market dynamics with competitive advantage, and advantages only go to those with scarce assets or capabilities. The difference between good and bad strategies often boils down to an incomplete understanding of market dynamics and/or an inability to sustain and exploit a true competitive advantage.

Simon has directed strategic assignments across a wide range of sectors, involving the development of new corporate or business unit strategies, customer strategies and regulatory strategies.

Simon’s work in financial services is wide-ranging but tends to revolve around competitive strategy, customer behaviour and behavioural economics.

On commercial issues, Simon regularly advises clients on market assessment, pricing and propositions design, performance assessment and investment appraisal, and techniques for improving innovation.

On the regulatory side Simon has been involved in almost every major retail financial services case in the UK over the past decade. His work has covered retail and SME banking, overdrafts, ATMs, savings, general insurance, mortgages, store cards, credit cards and PPI. He has also advised clients on risk assessments, policy engagement strategies and building regulatory capability. More recently Simon has been helping a range of clients, including regulators, with the application of behavioural economics to improve customer outcomes.

Simon’s work in retail and consumer markets tends to revolve around competitive strategy, customer behaviour and behavioural economics.

On commercial issues, Simon regularly advises clients on proposition design, pricing and promotions strategies, performance assessment, market entry, multi-channel propositions, store portfolio planning, supply chain reviews and procurement strategies.

Simon also helps retail clients with regulatory and policy issues and has been involved in most of the UK’s major competition cases, including mergers, market investigations and pricing disputes. He has also advised various UK Government departments on retail-related issues, including Sunday trading, retail productivity, planning and the dynamics of competition.

Simon’s retail experience covers several European countries, the USA, East Asia, and South Africa, and he has worked with clients in almost every sector, including grocery, electrical, home improvement, and clothing.

He regularly runs seminars and discussion sessions on retailing for graduate students, competition lawyers and commercial organisations, and has been asked to provide given expert evidence on retail issues several times.