Our competition policy work

Competition law can be an important constraint on the conduct of firms. It restricts their ability to merge and create joint ventures, to set prices and the terms of supply. Economics is essential to understanding the competitive dynamics of markets and economic evidence is an increasingly critical part of many competition law cases.

Frontier’s team of highly experienced competition economists advises high profile clients before the European Commission, national competition authorities and national courts on all aspects of competition policy:

  • Mergers;
  • Market investigations;
  • Anti trust cases; and
  • State aid.

We have competition experts based in London, Brussels, Cologne, Madrid and Dublin, and we work across Europe and further afield in a range of languages.

We work closely with clients and legal counsel, providing a mix of strategic advice and technical support. We assist in pre-empting issues, producing and responding to technical analysis, preparing client submissions and expert reports, and in giving oral evidence.

We are at the forefront of economic thought. In addition to competitive dynamics, we have expertise in econometric modelling, financial analysis, game theory, market research and other social sciences, such as psychology and behavioural economics. When it is needed, we have the skills and experience to carry out the most technically challenging economic analysis. But critically, we understand the importance of clarity in influencing the thinking of clients, regulators and judges. So we do not perform complicated modelling for its own sake – we have the confidence to use simple evidence to make a powerful point.

Like all good advisors we strive for technical excellence in building credible arguments based on economic theory and supported by robust empirical evidence. Our clients tell us that what makes Frontier different is our strategic thinking and the quality of our communication. We pride ourselves in our ability to make our arguments clearly and compellingly to technical and non-technical audiences – it is one reason why Frontier enjoys a strong reputation amongst competition regulators.

We look to engage effectively with our clients at all levels. From years of experience, we know that managing a large competition case can be as big a challenge internally for our clients as it is externally. We speak the same language as our clients’ commercial colleagues and we know the importance of building strong working relationships with the people whose day jobs are being disrupted by the regulatory process.

Frontier’s work is not limited to helping our clients with competition problems. We are unique in the breadth of sectors and economic problems that our experts cover. Our dedicated practice areas in each of the regulated sectors, from telecommunications to healthcare, mean that we can readily form joint teams when competition cases become interlinked with other regulatory or government policy issues.

Over the last decade Frontier has played a leading role in shaping the way that competition lawyers and economists can work well together. The cases on which I have worked with Frontier have been very smooth and frictionless – just as they should be!

Richard Whish, Professor of Law, King’s College London

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