Our energy work

We work for Europe’s leading energy companies, regulators and governments. We provide economic analysis and clear and pragmatic results to help our clients achieve commercial success and make better policy and regulatory decisions.

Frontier has a long record of advising on high profile projects on regulation and restructuring, devising effective commercial and regulatory strategies, and understanding the influence of competition issues and competition laws within the sector. These projects are supported by our specialists in other areas such as competition, finance, strategy and litigation. We combine leading-edge economics, a deep-rooted experience within the sector and an ability to boil down complex issues to focus on what matters. We can then give clients the right analysis to make informed commercial and policy decisions. Our advice is clear and honest. We listen to our clients and share our experience. The practice has worked on energy related issues in more than 50 countries and on all continents. Energy introduction

Unlike many advisors I’ve worked with, Frontier don’t have to pretend to be interested in their clients: they have found a way to get their people to become genuinely intrigued by what matters to their client’s business – to the point where they take adding value to those businesses personally.

Phil Jones , President and Chief Executive Officer, Northern Powergrid

Recent Work