Our telecommunications work

Recent advances in telecommunications have had a profound effect on the economy and society. We take for granted the ability to access information and communicate wherever we are. This led to new ways of working and new global supply chains of goods, services and knowledge.  It has also generated new forms of social communication and entertainment.

Not only are they highly professional but they are a pleasure to work with too. By combining industry and competition expertise and an understanding of how courts work they deliver what is needed.

Nicholas Green QC, Brick Court Chambers

This evolution was sparked by the liberalisation of the telecommunications market and sustained by rapid technological change.  The constant evolution in the market means that the industry has to continually adapt to changing circumstances. Economic analysis provides a valuable toolkit for stakeholders to understand what is driving change and affecting the competitive environment. It allows them to set goals and to implement the best strategy to meet objectives. We have over a decade of experience advising clients at the leading edge of telecommunications. Drawing on this, we can provide unique advice for our clients. Advice built on economic theory and a deep understanding of telecommunications.

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