Our water work

The water industry faces significant challenges. It has to deal with the effects of climate change on water resources and increasing investment needs in both water and wastewater networks.

One of the tests here is that the output mustn’t be like that of other companies - and it wasn’t.

Ian McGuffog, Chief Economist, South West Water

Our water practice combines an in-depth knowledge of the sector – political, regulatory, socio-economic and commercial – with the ability to apply advanced economic modelling techniques when analysing problems for companies, investors and regulators.

We have been closely involved in the economic regulation of water, even before privatisation began in the UK. We help companies comply with the regulatory regime and advise them on tariff setting and regulatory strategy. We advise regulators and governments on the design and impact of policies. Outside the UK, we have advised on industry restructuring, on the design of regulations, and assessing the financial viability of reform programmes and their welfare impact.

We combine our experience of the water industry with our knowledge of other utility and regulated sectors, in the UK and abroad. Our expertise enables us to provide an exceptional insight into the economic issues that affect the water industry.

Recent Work