Brexit, Digital Platforms and Algorithms: Competition Policy in the UK

With investigations into large technology companies’ allegedly anti-competitive behaviour across the globe, competition policy has become a central issue in economics and politics. Can such concerns be dealt with by more robust enforcement of our current rules, or do we need to change those rules?

Frontier's David Parker will join Amelia Fletcher CBE (Professor of Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia) and Mike Walker (Chief Economic Adviser at the CMA) to discuss a number of key competition issues relating to Brexit, digital platforms and algorithms. Themes that will be discussed include: 

  • Is a new legal framework necessary? 
  • How does the CMA's approach towards tech platforms compare in an international context? 
  • Can the CMA ensure any new regime will be effective in making sure markets don't tip in favour of a single player?
  • What can the government, academics and the private sector do to tackle the challenges to competition from algorithms? 

This panel discussion has been organised by the Mile End Institute and will be chaired by David Pakozdi.