Associate Director

Nick Elms

Nick Elms

Nick is an Associate Director of Frontier’s Energy practice.

Since he joined Frontier in 2002, he has advised policy makers, regulators and industry throughout Europe and further afield on electricity and gas sector issues regarding economic regulation, the design of power and gas markets, policy design, investment decisions and disputes.

Recently Nick has been providing strategic advice to investors in generation from renewable sources, advising on the design of gas network charges, and supporting with the implementation of new power market rules in several countries to comply with European regulations. He also co-presents a Masters course in Energy Markets and Economics at the Institute of Economic Studies in Prague.


Describe your job to a child

I play with my computer all day and sometimes also play table football

Favourite quote?

"I have a cunning plan" - Baldric from Blackadder

Where/When would you go to in a time machine?

75 years forward when they’ve finally figured out how to back up people’s memories onto hard drives thereby creating eternal life