Access charges in electricity: an obstacle to energy transition

On Thursday June 27, Frontier Economics together with event organizers, Ecofín, will present a proposal to change the methodology to calculate electricity distribution access charges for residential customers in Spain.

Over the summer, the Spanish regulator, CNMC, will present its proposal for a new methodology to calculate access charges. This new proposal will reflect the need to decarbonise the sector, which we can already see with the arrival of new technologies like heat pumps, electric vehicles, home batteries, decentralised renewable generation, and new sector governance from energy communities and aggregators.

In 2014, the last time the regulator came up with a methodology to determine access charges, the needs of the sector and the technological conditions were different. Currently, new technology is set to thrive and smart meters are available in virtually every household in Spain. This should allow different and more innovative ways to charge for access to the network that could promote new technology adoption and their contribution to sector decarbonisation.

This is the context in which our study, directed by Fernando Barrera Rey with the help of Ana Ramos Fernández and David Muñoz Martínez, will be presented on July 27, 10:00 am at Hotel Intercontinental in Madrid.

After presenting the study a roundtable discussion moderated by Claudio Aranzadi will take place together with participation from the audience.

Please reserve your place by emailing or calling Sophie Deguil at + 91308 36 57.