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  1. Frontier contributes to 4th European Aviation Conference

    Dan Elliott, Director at Frontier (Europe), spoke at the 4th European Aviation Conference held at Cranfield University from 18th to 20th November 2015.

  2. An appealing way forward? Frontier hosts discussion event on network regulation

    Frontier (Europe) tonight hosted an event to discuss the precedent created by the regulated network appeals recently concluded by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

  3. Vault survey ranks Frontier among top 8 European consultancies to work for

    Frontier (Europe) has been ranked as one of the top ten European consultancies to work for in 2016 by the Vault survey. Frontier was ranked eighth overall, up one place from last year, and two from the year before.

  4. Frontier hosts Women Economist’s Network event in London

    Frontier (Europe) today hosted a Women Economist’s Network (WEN) discussion event in London. Kate Barker, economist and former member of the Monetary Policy Committee, spoke about the economics of the UK housing market, including housing demand and the role of planning policy.

  5. Frontier presents at conference on UK-Iceland Interconnector

    David Bothe, Manager in the energy practice at Frontier (Europe), today presented at a conference in Reykjavik, on the recent plans to build an interconnector between Iceland and the UK.

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