Who We Are

Frontier is an economic consultancy with energy, imagination and flair

Now one of the largest economic consultancies in Europe, we started Frontier Economics in 1999 wanting to do things differently. Owned entirely by our staff, our business attracts the best people and the most interesting work. Our principles remain. Our clients remain happy.

Our latest thinking and research

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Advice that makes all the difference

Advice that makes all the difference

We go beyond the numbers to find out what’s really going on. Our clients enjoy objective advice, clearly expressed. With our help, they make better decisions and get better results.

What defines Frontier?

What defines Frontier?

Uncompromising thinking – we deliver exceptional work with integrity and objectivity.

Looking beyond the obvious – we think more widely than the immediate question, and deliver more than expected.

A refreshing experience – we’re smart and friendly people who communicate complex ideas with clarity.

Our past, present and future

Frontier Economics was founded by a team of economists with imagination. We wanted to create a sustainable business, working on the most interesting problems for the most interesting clients.

The bedrock of our business is that we are owned entirely by our staff. This means everyone is driven to deliver the highest quality work, with an independent mind, for clients we really care about.

People like what we do, and our business has grown. The problems we solve change constantly, but our values do not. Our clients come back again and again, and many of our founders still work within the business.

Valuing diversity and inclusion

Who we are says a lot about what we do.

Openness is one of our founding values. It runs through our DNA, building trust, mutual respect and encouraging teamwork. Openness means that everyone at Frontier should feel comfortable about who they are and empowered to bring their full selves to work.

We are determined that everyone has an equal chance to join us and progress their career with Frontier. We care about creating an inclusive atmosphere and are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

By doing this, we bring together the imagination, curiosity and flexibility to deliver advice that gets to the heart of what matters to our clients. We also think working with a diverse range of colleagues makes life more fun and interesting.

We’ve made important strides forward to reach the levels of diversity and inclusion that we aspire to, and we always challenge ourselves to do more. Some of our recent initiatives include:

  • Introducing enhanced parental leave and flexible working policies;

  • Establishing a working parent support group providing peer-support and role models for parents returning to work;

  • Having a dedicated team monitoring wellbeing and promoting awareness on mental health;

  • Being active members and supporting the Women’s Economist Network;

  • Celebrating holidays and cultural events of Frontier’s international and culturally diverse staff;and

  • Forming Frontier Spectrum, our LGBTQ+ group providing support, information and advice to LGBTQ+ staff and allies.

A shared work ethic

We work with clients all over the world from our offices in Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Dublin, Madrid, London and Paris. 

We’ve grown through recessions, booms and busts and count some of the most admired organisations in the world among our long-standing clients. 

We believe in strong client relationships, have a passion for understanding the truth and employ people who want to make a difference.

Our way of working is also shared by our sister company Frontier Economics Pty Ltd in Australia and Singapore. For more information on their work visit www.frontier-economics.com.au

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Wanting to be different: how we created Frontier

Wanting to be different: how we created Frontier

Read what one of our founding directors, Simon, has to say about how Frontier was created. 

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Our approach

Our approach

No matter what sector, size of business or scope of work, we bring together imagination, curiosity and flexibility. 

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