Leo Feilden

Leo Feilden

Leo works across the Energy, Financial Services and Litigation sectors, assisting both regulators and businesses with policy, anti-trust and regulatory issues.

He has a particular interest in how data science and quantitative techniques can be used to help answer clients’ questions and provide usable insights, for example, by using Monte Carlo analysis to understand the range of potential network charges. Leo has experience advising energy clients in the UK & ROI on areas such as the smart meter rollout, environmental policy and regulated returns. Leo has also worked in the financial sector, on both mergers and regulation, as well as in litigation.

Prior to joining Frontier, Leo worked for companies in the airline, energy and insurance sectors with a particular focus on pricing strategy. Leo’s understanding of business work on a day-to-day basis, helps him to give consulting advice that is practical and impactful.

Leo holds a BSc in Economics from Lancaster University and an MSc in Experimental Economics from the University of Exeter.