Filip Papic

Filip Papic

Filip advises on energy market issues with a focus on quantitative modelling.

Filip’s work covers a range of issues in the energy sector. He is experienced in using his technical skills to develop a wide variety of models that deal with the problems faced by networks, suppliers, regulators and governments.

Filip’s recent projects include the development and application of Frontier’s gas flow model to simulate the impact of the reduction in Russian gas supplies on European gas transmission networks; using Frontier’s power market model to simulate the decisions of plant owners and investors in Eastern Europe; building an Excel-based model for CCC that can be used to assess the distribution of costs to households under different low-carbon policies to deliver Net Zero; and building benchmarking models as part of the fifth price control of the Irish gas distribution network.

Filip joined Frontier with a Master’s Degree in Economics from LSE and a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Durham University.