Lasse Nagel

Lasse Nagel

Lasse is a Manager in Frontier’s Telecommunications Practice, working across a wide range of issues in regulated industries and has experience in advising stakeholders in international telecommunications markets.

Having advised regulators, policy makers and industry players across the globe for more than 15 years, Lasse has developed a deep understanding of his clients’ needs. Combining his extensive knowledge of the telecommunications sector with his analytical skills and regulatory knowledge enables Lasse to develop clear, practical solutions.

Over recent years, Lasse has advised a number of regulatory authorities and operators in Europe, Australia, the Middle East & Africa, and the Caribbean on a range of regulatory, competition and policy matters, including:

  • Conducting market reviews and competition assessments
  • Retail and wholesale regulation design and compliance monitoring
  • Supporting on ex-post competition investigations
  • Sector liberalisation
  • Design and implementation of spectrum policy and assignments
  • Conducting benchmarking analysis, economic/regulatory impact studies, feasibility studies and cost benefit analysis.

Lasse is fluent in English and German and holds an undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MSc) degree in Economics.


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“Whatever makes you happy…” Made by an elderly man passing a young lady hugging a tree in Hyde

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To add extra hours to a day, days to a week…