Phil Maggs

Phil Maggs

Phil has over 25 years’ experience in economics consulting and is a founder member of Frontier’s Strategy practice.

Much of his work focuses on the economics of consumer-facing businesses and matters of pricing design, competitive strategy and analysis of consumer behaviour.  He has worked across multiple sectors including online and traditional retail, financial services, broadcast and digital media, and network utilities.  Phil’s recent clients include Diageo, ITV, Unilever, HMRC and Lloyds Banking Group.  His advice is used in determining commercial strategy, interactions with government and regulatory authorities, and dispute support.  He has also provided expert testimony on pricing matters in court.

Prior to joining Frontier, Phil worked in other consultancies and as an academic researcher. He has a degree in economics from the University of Bristol and a Masters from the University of Oxford.


Describe your job to a child

Mostly I work out what price things should be.

How would your pet describe you?

Expert door-opener.

Where/When would you go to in a time machine?

Another hour in bed.