Lena Neuberg

Lena Neuberg

Lena is an Analyst in Frontier’s Cologne Office, working across the Energy and Competition Practice.

Drawing from her academic background, Lena combines her strong analytical skills with a keen curiosity for new topics, a dash of creativity and her passion for writing.

In the energy sector, she contributes to projects advising regulatory authorities and regulated companies on issues pertaining to cost of capital. In the competition sector, she is involved in litigation cases and works on projects related to market dominance abuse.

Prior to joining Frontier, Lena worked at the Chair of Public Economics at Münster University, where she conducted several seminars and tutorials. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Münster, a MSc in Economics from Kiel University and a BSC in International Economics from the University of Tübingen.

Lena is fluent in English and German, she is proficient in Spanish and has completed two semesters in Argentina and Spain, respectively.


What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

French fries with mustard

If you won the lottery, would be the first thing you buy?

Sail Boat

Have a favourite quote?

What’s past is prologue (Shakespeare)