Harry Davies

Harry Davies

Harry works to assist our clients across a host of anti-trust, strategic and regulatory topics.

He has acquired a breadth of experience supporting clients on high profile anti-trust issues including merger investigations by the EU and UK competition authorities, and pan-European damages litigation.

He has worked on key strategic questions ranging from how Ofcom can best support the rollout of 5G, to assessing the local competitive effects of consolidation in the UK grocery market. As well as growing experience working on regulatory and policy issues related to tariff design, regulatory reviews and price controls in the energy and water sectors.

Harry holds a BA (First Class) in Economics with French from Durham University and a MSc (Distinction) in Applied Economics from the University of Bath.


What was the last book you read?

The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell

Last thing you asked Google?

“Climbing wall near me”

If you could trade places with someone – real or fictional – who would it be?

The mountaineer, Moritz Hertzog, during the first successful ascent of Annapurna – perhaps without the frostbite!