Associate Director

Danail Popov

Danail Popov

Danail advises public and private sector clients in a number of sectors.

Dan has been helping public sector clients to design effective policies and regulatory interventions and understand the impact of their interventions. Dan’s clients include most Government departments and a range of regulatory bodies and arm’s length agencies as well as private firms.

His work often includes quantitative modelling and econometrics combined with qualitative and survey work in order to understand the impacts and value for money of interventions. Dan’s work covers a breadth of areas such as education, skills and labour markets, legal services, the creative industries and the environment. Recent work includes analysis to understand the impact of increases in minimum pay on business performance; how government support can enhance economic growth across regions of the UK; what economic benefits can emerge from connected digital twins covering different types of infrastructure.   


If you could only eat one meal/food for the rest of your life, what would it be


What’s your go to coffee order?

Double espresso. No nonsense.

Where/when would you go to in a time machine?

Just before the Big Bang but not sure where.