Ann Zhang

Ann Zhang

Ann advises clients on a range of policy and regulatory issues with a focus on consumer facing markets.

Ann has advised on regional and national policy changes across multiple sectors, working with private and public sector organisations to guide policy design. Her recent work includes the re-negotiation of the UK’s pharmaceutical pricing regulations as well as leading the Covid-19 ventilator allocation during the ventilator challenge. Outside of health and life sciences, she has provided advice to water and energy companies to support their regulatory submissions as well as State aid assessment.

Alongside her role in consulting, Ann is the Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission Young Professionals Panel where she works to ensure a strong voice for the next generation of infrastructure leaders. She holds a Msc. in economics from the London School of Economics.


If you could gain one quality or ability, what would it be?

The ability to eat whatever I want and still stay healthy

What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

Chips and ice cream – which I have actually seen sold as a parfait in Japan

Describe your job to a child

Using what we know to decide what we should do