Callum Cheshire

Callum Cheshire

Callum joined Frontier in 2016 after completing a BSc in Economics at Birmingham.

Since joining Frontier, he has predominately focused on the regulated sectors, in particular in energy and telecommunications. Within these sectors, Callum has worked on a range of projects for a variety of international clients, undertaking market reviews, analysing price control regulation and modelling power markets. He also has an interest in public policy, and has experience with international trade policy. Alongside this he has also gained extensive experience in competition economics, particularly on merger work.

Callum also has a MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College, University of London.


What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

A pie in a barm. It’s a Wigan delicacy.

How would your pet describe you?

My only ever pets have been goldfish, so I’m not sure you would get a intelligible answer.

The one thing you would take with you if stranded on a dessert island?

I would like to learn the piano, so I think going to a desert island with a piano might be the prompt I need.