Associate Director

Danail Popov

Danail Popov

Danail has been advising clients from the private and public sector on a variety of policy issues over the past decade.

He has been helping public sector clients to design effective policies and regulatory interventions. Dan’s clients include most Government departments and a range of regulatory bodies and arm’s length agencies as well as private firms.

His work often includes quantitative modelling and econometrics to understand the impacts and value for money of interventions. Most of Dan’s work has been in the areas of education, skills and labour markets but he has also worked widely on healthcare and the environment, focusing predominantly on the UK. He recently advised on workforce issues in further education, value for money in early years and higher education and the impact of minimum wages on labour market outcomes.


If you could only eat one meal/food for the rest of your life, what would it be


What’s your go to coffee order?

Double espresso. No nonsense.

Where/when would you go to in a time machine?

Just before the Big Bang but not sure where.