Catalina Guerrero

Catalina Guerrero

Catalina works across several practices, with a special focus on regulatory and competition issues.

Catalina has experience in regulation cases, such as working on market reviews for the utilities sector and studying the implications of regulating digital markets. Alongside her experience in regulation, she has worked on various competition cases, gaining experience in litigation and damage estimation.

Before joining Frontier, Catalina worked as an Investment Specialist at Citigroup Mexico, where she analysed economic outlooks to optimise clients’ investment portfolios. She also worked as an Assistant Professor in Pompeu Fabra University and the Barcelona GSE, where she taught Competition Economics and Market Regulation.

Catalina is a native Spanish speaker and she is also fluent in English. She holds an Msc in Specialised Economic Analysis from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.


If you could gain one quality or ability, what would it be?

To eat whatever I want without gaining weight or putting in risk my health. In other words I wish lettuce would taste as good as chocolate.

What was the last book you read?

The Double (O Homem Duplicado) from author José Saramago. He is a genius, no wonder he is a Nobel Laureate.

Are aliens real?

The only evidence we have to say that aliens do not exist is that we haven’t seen them. The Universe is infinite with never ending possibilities.