What the analyst programme involves

Opportunities to show your skills

You will be:

  • Working on projects with a mixture of economists, from senior analysts to directors.
  • Undergoing a comprehensive induction and training programme.
  • Receiving guidance, feedback and support throughout.

Throughout the programme you’ll be supported by two experienced mentors and your graduate ‘buddy’ who will help support and guide you through this programme.

The type of work:

You’ll start working for our clients very early on:

  • Brainstorming to solve client problems, involving internal and external meetings
  • Applying economic frameworks, ranging from simple data analysis to complex econometric modelling 
  • Writing client reports and slide packs
  • Presenting your findings to colleagues and to clients

Development and training

Our two year graduate programme offers you training across 5 key areas

  • Knowledge - analytical and technical toolset. Sector specialisms.
  • Client skills - understanding client needs, relationship building.
  • Consulting skills - analysis, writing reports, presentations.
  • Work management - time, project and people management.
  • Communication - leadership skills, feedback skills, communicating under pressure.

You’ll have weekly training sessions for the first six months running alongside your work - which typically consists of 2-3 projects at a time.

After six months, you will continue to have weekly seminars, internal training and mentoring.

You will be strongly encouraged to get feedback from your project manager and to give feedback to senior colleagues.

We encourage all our graduates to contribute to the running of our firm. Here you will help start to shape our business, for example by planning our Christmas parties, organising our induction week or helping to plan our recruitment activities.