Answering the Big Questions

Answering the Big Questions

Big Questions is a series of compelling conversations, which explore the most pressing topics of our time.

This is a podcast series about how we can make the world a better place.

The series seeks to unravel assumptions we have about sustainability, public policy, and energy daring to ask the big questions society is facing.

In this podcast series, we capture the creativity and imagination of leading Frontier economists and unearth ideas and solutions to some of the biggest questions facing businesses and governments today

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Team thoughts

Both the EU and the UK have net zero targets in 2050 enshrined in law, which is a really positive thing. But that said, setting targets is one thing and actually delivering on them is a bit more challenging.
Claire Thornhill
Associate Director
From a climate perspective, the damage caused by one tonne of carbon is the same all over the world. So there are some quite substantial technical and economic and social issues around carbon pricing.
Matt Shepherd
There is a wide range of options for how the obligations for gatekeepers can be implemented. Even though the DMA defines them at a pretty high level, there's still an awful lot of ambiguity in exactly how they could be interpreted.
Malcolm Tan
Associate Director

In numbers


of the world's energy is consumed by data centres


of all EU-27 emissions come from the domestic transport sector

Team Thoughts

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