Mission: “Clubcard for TV”

Mission: “Clubcard for TV”

Frontier’s award-winning strategy worked out where viewer data could increase viewers and revenue, and unlock insights for commissioners. In three years, 10 million viewers signed up.

The Challenge

Channel 4 wanted a loyalty card. As they put it, “a clubcard for telly”.

In more detail, our job was to work out how to capture viewer data and unlock greater advertising revenue from it; increase viewing; and provide commissioners with information they could use to make new programmes that would appeal to the audience.

The solution

Once those principles had been established, we used behavioural economics to help design the proposition, experiment with different ways the viewer might have to sign up to the card, and ways to add to the viewers’ experience as time went on.

The outcome

Within three years more than 10 million viewers had signed up, including half of all 16 to 24 year-olds – a key audience for the channel. The improvements we could show in targeting this group particularly generated substantial revenue growth in digital advertising.

As well as being an ongoing commercial strength for Channel 4, the initiative won several marketing awards, and is now a test case for the broadcasting industry.

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