Where do we go with all our data?

Getting in gear

The first challenge was that our client needed a data analytics strategy. Different country teams had differing sets of data, differently sized analytical teams and different areas of focus.

The second challenge was what to do with the data sets, and where to align them. They needed an investment road-map, whilst still building on local strengths and allowing central management business.

Where are we winning?

We identified where small tweaks could make a big difference to margins. We then looked at customer data – honing in on the ten most important things they should know about their customers.

Finally, we developed from all this data and new practice, a road-map for investment in analytics, concentrating on where the business could expect the highest return.

In sync

The business had a clearer view of where to invest (and where not to), as well as a more integrated view of itself. The various country teams started to learn from each other in a way that had not been possible before. Ultimately, the strategy will help the business offer better and more tailored services to their customers.