Delivering strategy

Delivering strategy

An appetising prospect

The business could see a huge opportunity in scaling up home delivery in time for the 2018 World Cup.

They needed to decide on a delivery partner. And they wanted to design the partnership so it would work well for both sides in the long term, however the market might evolve. Faced with a range of quite different offers from different partners they needed a way to focus on what was important in the long term.

What’s best on the menu?

By focusing on the core value drivers of the partnership we were able to present the options in a clearer way, highlighting the most important differences between them. It became clear that changes in customers ordering and eating habits could make a big difference to the economic value of the partnerships on offer. We worked out how much change in customer behaviour would be needed for one option to become better than another, and how much better a potential partner needed to be to offset different contractual terms.

Order taken

Before our work, the client’s team had reviewed a large amount of information but there were concerns that they could be missing something. Our analysis gave them the clarity they needed to make a confident decision.

The partnership is now being rolled out to several hundred restaurants across the country.