Trade in turbulence

The future of international trade

The future of international trade

With protectionism and free trade clashing, only change is certain


The only thing everyone agrees on about the changes affecting both Britain and the EU as a result of Brexit is that they will be huge. The clues are thin , frustration for business is high, and time is tight. Whether you’re interested in goods, people or services, you will be affected. What will happen when EU funding  is turned off in the UK? Where will Britain’s universities get their funding , and what of international research?

World Trade

Trade rules don’t just cover iPhones, cars and beef. They affect policy and regulation in telecoms, banking, foreign investment and intellectual property. With policy in the US looking to overturn 70 years of practice , the uncertain response of China, and a shifty and quixotic Russia, any surety in the future of international trade is scarce.   Objective and accurate analysis is vital for informed debate and policy-making.

Attempts to smooth the waters in the UK have dominated attempts to build bridges with the EU
Amar Breckenridge
Senior Associate, Public Policy
Promoting infrastructure is a source of productivity growth for the UK, but the flows of European investment finance are at risk
Mick Ridge
Director, Public Policy

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EU funding for Higher Education Institutions in the UK since 2013.



Concerned that there will be a trade war with China



City of London jobs forecast to leave for EU by March 2019

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