Finding the balance between risk and reward

Finding the balance between risk and reward

Edging ever closer to a digital takeover

With risk a consideration in every industry, the banking sector is no exception. European banks are in a state of transformation with closures and mergers left, right and centre and customers being pushed closer towards digital services.

A risk-free journey to becoming carbon neutral?

The EU and EU member states have pledged to become carbon-neutral by 2050. A target which will require energy usage to switch to renewable energy sources on a large scale, but have the financial risks been taken into account?

Team thoughts

It may be surprising to hear, but government is almost certainly the largest single risk-taker in society.
Alex Kirykowicz
European banks are in the midst of a profound transformation. With record low interest rates squeezing their revenues, banks are eager to cut costs and closing branches is one way to achieve this.
Paula Papp
Associate Director
The best solution for risk management is tailor-made. The same goes for the Green Power Purchase Agreements you sign.
Christoph Riechmann

In numbers


decrease in bank branches in Spain


commercial assets insured by Pool Re in UK


the average lifespan of modern wind farms

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