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Competition in the world’s most famous cycle race

To breakaway or stay with the peloton? That is the question. In the Tour de France, competition will clearly be rife amongst the cyclists, but how to harness that competitive spirit is a consideration that could see you taking that yellow jersey or remaining firmly stuck within the peloton.

Competitiveness – an obsession across the board

From energy prices driving competitiveness to department stores adapting their business models to create a competitive edge – it is clear that competition is a key driver for success across many industries. Competition policy is a powerful weapon of choice for the European Commission but is it a ‘dangerous obsession’ that can hinder domestic policies?

Team thoughts

Laura Petschnig.jpg
Department stores have to reinvent the economics of their business to remain competitive and ensure they stick around for the next 100 years.
Laura Petschnig
Manager, Strategy
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The digitisation and globalisation of the economy is radically reshaping the dynamics of competition in many markets.
James Baker
Associate Director, Competition
Federico Cilauro 2019
Because of its political appeal, the notion of competitiveness will not disappear. But at least economists now have a more developed toolkit to guide such discussions towards well-grounded solutions.
Federico Cilauro
Consultant, Public Policy

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