Innovation award launches at Frontier

Innovation award launches at Frontier

At Frontier we also practice what we write about. We have launched our very own Innovation Award.

Developed by one of our internal networks, the award aims to generate brilliant ideas that will help to provide our clients with the latest economic thinking. In today’s world we understand our clients face many challenges and we are well placed to tackle them.

As a growing firm, we have become more diverse and now operate across more sectors and geographies with advanced tools, such as data science and AI, at our fingertips.

This new scheme will help develop innovative ideas, ideas that provide new insights, and more importantly ideas that we will be able to put into practice to solve our clients’ problems in new and exciting ways.

The award is a great way for our staff to contribute to the field of economics and economic consulting, and we’re looking forward to the ideas that will be generated over the coming months.

Matthew Bell/Andrew Leicester note:

“I hope that everyone at Frontier feels inspired and encouraged to think of innovative ways we can do things to further improve outcomes for our clients, our processes or the way we work or collaborate with one another. May the best ideas win!”

Watch this space for future updates on the ideas generated by our Innovation award.