Frontier presents at conference on UK-Iceland Interconnector

Frontier presents at conference on UK-Iceland Interconnector

David Bothe from Frontier (Europe)’s energy practice, today presented at a conference in Reykjavik on recent plans to build an interconnector between Iceland and the UK. The aim of the conference was to discuss the options for and potential risks associated with such a project from both a political and economic stance.

In his presentation, David emphasised that while European energy markets provide interesting options for Iceland to market its huge renewable geothermal and hydro resources, the Icelandic government needs to be aware of certain political risks. Energy markets in Europe are, to a large degree, influenced by policy decisions – in Brussels as well as in the various member states. For an investment decision on a sea-cable or any other long-living asset, it is crucial to understand the politics behind the markets to be able to evaluate risks and opportunities fully.

Frontier (Europe) regularly advises public and private sector organisations on issues relating to interconnectors, network regulation and electricity market design across Europe.

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