Hope or experience? | New Frontier bulletin

Hope or experience? | New Frontier bulletin

Frontier today published a new bulletin, outlining the different measures that can be taken to avoid common pitfalls in retail mergers.

Interest in retail mergers is picking up again, with much public speculation about the underlying value of combining different businesses.  While experience and research show that the expected benefits from mergers and acquisitions often fail to materialise, optimism prevails, fuelled by management’s hopes that their takeover will be the exception.

Frontier’s latest bulletin explains how management teams can use the type of rigorous thinking applied by Competition Authorities to satisfy themselves of the true scope for merger synergies. It outlines eight key questions that should be considered to assess potential synergies, and four critical things to do to ensure that any analysis of a potential merger is as rigorous as possible.

Frontier regularly advises companies and regulators on mergers and retail issues.

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Hope or experience?