Gus O’Donnell highlights need for evidence of impact

Gus O’Donnell highlights need for evidence of impact

Gus O’Donnell, Chairman of Frontier, spoke today at the annual conference of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), a body representing the voluntary and community sector in England. In his speech, delivered to more than 500 voluntary sector leaders, Gus focused on how the charitable sector can rebuild public trust, and prosper in an era where public funding was likely to be harder to obtain.

To achieve these goals, Gus discussed how charities can:

  • Use evidence to demonstrate their social impact, drawing on case studies and data to provide a rigorous and credible account of how charitable activities generate real change;
  • Be transparent in terms of how funding is used and how charities are trying to raise their own productivity to achieve better results for less funding; and
  • Focus more on how to prevent problems before they become intractable, rather than stepping in to deal with issues after they arise.

Frontier regularly works with the charitable and voluntary sectors on a range of pro bono projects, helping them demonstrate impact and think about how to achieve their objectives most effectively.

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