With or without EU – New Frontier Brexit bulletin on UK trade policy

The discussions around the UK’s future relationship with the European Union (EU) are complex and will need considerable time to prepare. Trade will clearly be a central part of the debate, as evidenced by a new dedicated Department for International Trade being set up by the Prime Minister in her reshuffle shortly after taking office. Frontier (Europe)’s latest bulletinexplores the UK’s trade policy post-Brexit.

The bulletin explores the range of trade possibilities that could be on the table, and the opportunities and challenges that they pose. While there are various pathways the UK could take to open the possibility of bilateral deals with non-EU countries, the bulletin demonstrates why the UK must give priority to preserving the deep integration it has secured with its biggest trading partner.

Frontier regularly advises public and private sector organisations in the EU and beyond on issues relating to international trade.

This bulletin is the latest in a series published since the referendum on the implications of Brexit. Previous bulletins in this series are:

  • Out or about? – Assessing the Brexit pathways (an overview written by our Chairman, Gus O’Donnell);
  • The effects of Brexit on the UK power market – Part one;
  • Over and out – Brexit and aviation; and
  • Equivalence or else? – Assessing the impact of Brexit on financial services.

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Equivalence or else?