EIB report examines impacts of nearly €70 billion invested inside the EU

The European Investment Bank (EIB), the financial arm of the EU, has today published a report summarising the expected results of investment projects carried out across EU member states in 2015. Frontier (Europe) contributed to the economic analysis in the report.

Last year, the EIB committed a total of €69.6bn over nearly 400 projects, aiming to deliver against the EIB’s public policy objectives. These include promoting innovation and skills, increasing access to finance, improving infrastructure, environmental benefits, and better economic and social cohesion. The EIB also started to support investment projects through the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). EFSI is a new risk capital initiative provided jointly by the European Commission and the EIB, introduced as part of the Investment Plan for Europe. Under EFSI, the EIB has provided €7.5bn funding for higher risk, economically viable projects within the EU.

The expected impacts of EIB investments include, among others, jobs being created or sustained; new or improved transport, energy, water, waste, health and education infrastructure; additional investment in research and development; new loans to SMEs; and benefits to the environment.

This report follows an earlier EIB study,  published in May, of the expected results of its operations outside the EU signed in 2015. Frontier also contributed to this ‘outside EU’ analysis.

Frontier regularly advises international financial institutions on the design and review of their results frameworks.

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