Frontier speaks at the Icelandic Competition Authority

Eirikur Ragnarsson, of Frontier Economics, today spoke at an event organised by the Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA). He presented on methods used in merger analysis in the EU and UK and how they could be applied to cases in the Icelandic economy.

Eirikur summarised the analytical tools that Frontier applies on a regular basis in merger filings with the UK Competition and Markets Authority and the European Commission. A particular focus of the presentation was on how measures of upward pricing pressure and diversion ratios could be applied to mergers in Iceland; and what economic tools could be applied by the ICA when examining competition issues in merger cases.

The ICA was founded in 2005 and is responsible for promoting effective competition in economic activities in one of the smallest developed economies in the world. The size of the Icelandic economy puts the ICA in a unique position when it comes to economic analysis on subjects relating to competition, as the size of the market in many sectors results in oligopolistic structures.

Frontier regularly advises clients on competition issues across Europe.

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