Frontier presents short study on German transition to renewable energy

Frontier presents short study on German transition to renewable energy

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry North Rhine-Westphalia (IHK NRW) and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) have today published a short study by Frontier (Europe) on the prospects for trade and industry under the on-going transition to renewable energy. At the launch event of the study in, David Bothe of Frontier presented the results of the study while Matthias Janssen of Frontier discussed the contents with experts from industry and politics.

The short study considers how the transition to renewables, once it has been fully achieved, will impact industry and trade. Frontier concludes that an energy supply that increasingly depends on intermittent renewable energies will not only imply new challenges but will also offer new opportunities to trade and industry, such as flexibility and access to cheaper electricity.  However for these opportunities to be realised, the numerous fees, levies and taxes that currently distort the end consumer prices must be redesigned so that end consumer prices reflect the real costs of power consumption.

Frontier regularly advises private and public sector clients on the transition to renewable energy.

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