New Frontier bulletin: how retailers are adapting their strategies to make the best of Black Friday

Barely known this side of the Atlantic a decade ago, Black Friday has shaken up the UK pre-Christmas retail scene, adding a new operational peak and leaving many retailers struggling to keep their pricing, branding and supply chain operations intact. With this customer event now embedded in the calendar, what’s the best strategy for different retailers?

Frontier’s new bulletin “Dance to the music of sales” looks at the key strategies available to retailers, by analysing the timing and frequency of web searches for three general merchandisers in the UK. As the bulletin explains Black Friday poses a number of challenges to retailers, including how to ensure discounts lead to incremental sales, and how to target bargains on those customers they most want to win. They also need to consider, most importantly, how best to make their Black Friday strategy play to their strengths.

Frontier regularly advises retailers on business strategy.

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