Frontier joins German education initiative KURS as part of their pro bono work

Frontier joins German education initiative KURS as part of their pro bono work

Christoph Riechmann, head of Frontier Germany, today signed a cooperation agreement between Frontier and the local secondary school “Hölderlin Gymnasium” in Cologne, Germany. The cooperation, part of Frontier’s pro bono work, sees Frontier participate in the KURS initiative, an education project organised by the regional government and supported by the chamber of commerce that brings together local companies and schools.

The agreement with Hölderlin Gymanisum focuses on economics education, part of social science teaching in schools. Frontier consultants will hold sessions at the school, aiming to explain economic thinking in an innovative and practical way. By going though simplified market situations, our experts will help the students to solve complex scenarios, encourage them to ask questions and raise their awareness of economic thinking.

Christoph Riechmann said: “Through this cooperation Frontier hopes to support students in their career choice and contribute to economic education through real-life examples of our daily work in applying economics”. Dr. Siegfried Feldmar, Hölderin’s principal, added: “The bilingual education program, offered at Hölderlin Gymnasium, matches perfectly Frontier’s international and European focus”.

Frontier regularly collaborates with charities and public initiatives as part of their pro bono work.

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