Plotting a path for the UK’s infrastructure

Plotting a path for the UK’s infrastructure

Our quality of life and success as an economy depends on the ability of each country’s infrastructure to respond to future challenges; whether in relation to our water supply, future proof internet connections, roads and rail, or low cost, low carbon energy.

The UK’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) today published its first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment for the United Kingdom, setting out a plan of action for the country’s infrastructure over the next 10-30 years.

The report makes a number or recommendations to Government how infrastructure needs and priorities should be addressed across various sectors in which Frontier works including telecoms, energy, transport and the environment. The aim is to provide long-term clarity for industry and the supply chain.

Drawing on Frontier research the report assesses the future benefits of broadband, and notes that

  • While existing digital connectivity is enough for current needs, demand for data is rapidly increasing and existing broadband networks may not be sufficient for the future
  • Government recommendation include that full fibre broadband connections should be available across the whole of the country, including those in rural areas
  • More specifically, the technology should be available to 15 million homes and businesses in the UK by 2025, 25 million by 2030, and to all homes and businesses by 2033

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