Hospital funding set to change

NHS Improvement has today published new proposals for changes in the way hospitals are funded from next year. The proposals set out a number of changes to the existing payment system including among others:

  • A one year duration of the tariff
  • A blended payment approach for emergency care
  • The introduction of non-mandatory tariffs for certain types of outpatient attendances (e.g. non-face to face follow-up appointments)
  • Updating the Market Forces Factor formula (introducing business rates, using more up to date geographies etc.)
  • A proposal to mandate a blended payment approach for mental health services for working-age adults and older people

Some of the changes proposed by NHS Improvement have been supported by Frontier’s in-depth review of the MFF (and resulting recommendations) which was published alongside the payment system reform proposals.

Frontier regularly advises the NHS, Government, regulators and providers on healthcare issues.

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