Teaching comparators in Further Education markets

Teaching comparators in Further Education markets

The UK Department for Education (DfE) has published today a research brief presenting Frontier’s exploration of occupations that are most comparable to teachers in Further Education (FE). These ‘teaching comparators’ are based on statistical analysis of occupations in terms of pay, working hours, demographic profile and qualifications. The findings were cross-checked against actual labour market flows and views from sector stakeholders.

The analysis found that other teaching professionals (such as secondary school teachers) are the most significant comparator occupation.  However, when FE teaching professionals teach vocational subjects, a mix of occupations are likely to be relevant comparators. For example, the comparator occupations for construction teachers include bricklayers, plumbers, and production managers and directors.

The analysis aims to help DfE strengthen their understanding of the characteristics of those teaching in the FE sector, and build the evidence base informing policy around FE teacher recruitment and retention.

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