Potential for low carbon gas in south-eastern Europe

Potential for low carbon gas in south-eastern Europe

Dr Christoph Riechmann, Director in Frontier’s Energy practice, presented at the Balkan and Black Sea Petroleum Association  Regional Oil & Gas Conference.

The conference, held in Istanbul, focused on the future decarbonisation of the gas sector and its relevance for south-eastern Europe. 

In his presentation Christoph emphasised that gas demand in south-eastern Europe is driven by industrial and residual use that exhibits a strong seasonal pattern and relies on stable and secure supply. This requires seasonal storage of energy in form of gas.

Low-carbon gases, e.g. produced by Power-to-X (PtX) technologies based on renewable energies will be key for the global energy transition.  The technology is yet to achieve learning curve effects and a recent Frontier study shows that non-European producers are at a cost advantage. However, the recent ENTSO scenario report also shows a potential for low carbon gas in south-eastern Europe. In order to exploit this potential a reform to current market designs and climate policy are essential. European authorities like CEER and ACER have already started consulting on market design for a future gas market and more policy input will follow.

Frontier regularly advises on global energy transition, renewable energies and synthetic fuels produced by PtX technologies.

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