Expanding free childcare: is it financially sustainable?

The election campaign has generated competing offers of increasing amounts of free childcare to support parents to work and improve early years child development, but are the options financially viable for providers to deliver?

On Tuesday 10th December, Dr Gillian Paull, Senior Associate at Frontier Economics, joined leading experts from across the industry at the Westminster Insight Early Years Conference to consider the impacts of recent and potential future policy development on the financial sustainability of the childcare sector. The discussion covered the evaluation of the 30 hours free childcare policy, early years funding and case studies of best practice on how to improve sustainability.

The conference also discussed a number of other key issues, including the planned changes to the Ofsted framework and curriculum updates, as well as presenting case studies on improving Special Educational Needs Provision and insights on developing effective career pathways, improving retention and managing stress levels and workloads for the early years workforce.

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