Meeting the challenges and ambitions of tomorrow’s water sector

 Meeting the challenges and ambitions of tomorrow’s water sector

Frontier’s Water practice worked with Water UK and its members, on the 2050 discussion paper, public consultation and the final Water 2050 White Paper published today.

The Water 2050 White Paper sets out water companies’ ambitions for the future, as well as detailing the urgent changes needed to meet these ambitions.

The water sector is facing a challenging future with pressure on water resources as a result of climate change, increased environmental ambition and the need to balance investment needs with customers facing an increase in the  cost of living.

The Paper sets out the twin priorities of:

  • delivering environmental impact more efficiently, through outcome-based environmental regulation and ensuring the sector has the green skills and mindset to innovate; and
  • protecting long-term customer interests, through a sector-wide approach to risk and resilience, robust approach to investment decisions and joining up long-term adaptive plans.

As the sector gears up for Ofwat’s 2024 Water Price Review, there is an opportunity to reflect on these challenges and ambitions and address how the sector can best deal with them.

To read the White Paper, please click here.