Frontier presents on future of Dutch electricity supply

Frontier presents on future of Dutch electricity supply

Jens Perner and Patrick Peichert from Frontier Economics today presented the main findings of a report prepared for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on future scenarios for the Dutch electricity supply system. The presentation was held at the Clingendael International Energy Programme, a Dutch energy think tank, and was part of the “Energy Dialogue” initiated by the Dutch government.

The report investigates future developments of the Dutch electricity system with respect to reliability and security of supply, as well as affordability of the system and potential policy implications. The study has found that, in general, the Dutch power system is resilient in relation to the most likely future challenges, taking also into account possible changes in market conditions.  The speakers emphasised the need for coordination of national policy initiatives in an integrated Central Western Europe market area, especially with respect to the introduction of capacity remuneration mechanisms or climate change instruments.

Frontier regularly advises public and private sector clients on market design in energy markets.

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Scenarios for the Dutch electricity supply system