David Bothe speaks on the panel at the 11th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

David Bothe speaks on the panel at the 11th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

David Bothe, Associate Director in Frontier’s energy practice today spoke at the panel on Policy and Regulation for CCU (carbon capture and usage) technologies.

He presented the findings of recent Frontier studies, which indicate a long-term need for developing technologies and an industry which can supply recycled carbon in large scale.

Recent analysis by Frontier has demonstrated that, even in long-run scenarios where a society might have switched to high share of wind and solar as energy sources, chemical energy carriers such as gases of fuels will still be required to reach cost efficiency and sustain demand. In order to meet climate change targets, synthetic fuels will need to be produced from renewable energy. However, for practical and economic reasons, it will be important that as a share hydrocarbon based fuels (eg: synthetic Methane or Diesel) are also used, as they are today from fossil sources. To create fuels synthetically via “power-to-gas” or “Power-to-liquids” technology will be required alongside renewable electricity as well as  a non-fossil carbon source. Therefore as the use of renewable energy sources increases there is a need for increasing sources of  green carbon at large scale too.

David concluded, that it is therefore important to today define a reliable policy framework which allow such markets to develop, e.g. by creating a demand for “green” fuels and gases and at the same time incentivise investments in production facilities.

Frontier regularly advises public authorities and private companies on climate policy and energy design issues.

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